Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Part 1
Narrator 1: Once upon a time there was a family of three friendly bears who lived in the deep dark woods. The woods was as large as a city and as scary as a zombie!

Narrator 2: The three bears that lived there were Father bear, Mother bear and Baby bear.

Father Bear: Lets eat our delicious porridge.

Baby Bear:I don’t want too eat my porridge right away, it’s as hot as fire!!

Mother Bear: Let's go for a magnificent walk in the woods while it cools off.

Narrator 1: All the bears agreed and went for a walk.

Narrator 2: When the bears left, who should appear but Goldilocks with her yellow curly locks and naughty thoughts, then she entered the brown wooden house

Goldilocks: (enters the house).

Part 2
Narrator 1 : She saw the three bowls of yummy looking yellow steaming porrages.

Goldilock: Those bowls of porrage look yummy as ice cream dip in chocolate.

Narrator 2: So she tasted the hairy papa bear’s porrage and said…

Goldilock : This bowl of porrage is as hot as red pepper! (and she thought she saw a yucky looking hair ball).

Narrator 1: Then she tasted the good lucking mama bear’s porrage and said…

Goldilock : This bowl of porrage is toooooo cold.

Narrator 2: Then she tasted cute baby bear’s bowl and said…

Goldilock : This bowl of porrage is not too hot or too cold its just

Narrator 1: after she ate all of baby bear’s porrage she went in
living room

Goldilock : Oh! Look at those beautiful chair, they look so comfortable.

Narrator 2: Then she tries papa bear chair and says…

Goldilocks: this chair is too high and too rough

Narrator 1: Then she tried mama bear’s chair and said…

Goldilock: This chair is too soft

Narrator 2: Then she tried baby bear’s chair and said…

Goldilock : This cozy chair is just perfect…woooh

Narrator 1:just than the chair broke beneath her and said…

Part 3
Goldilocks: Oh no, I broke the perfect, miniature chair that fits me the best!

Narrator 1: She explored the tiny and cozy house even more by going up elegant stairs. (Goldilocks walked up stairs)

Narrator 2: She walked in the hall then saw a room with three different beds.

Goldilocks: (yawns) Aoaoaoao I’m sleepy, maybe I should try the beds. They looked as comfortable as a enormous pillow.

Narrator 1: The first bed was large, wide and hard. We could say it was a little bit fat too.

Narrator 2: The second one was not wide nor large or fat, it was middle size. It looked extremely soft. As soft as a feature.

Narrator 1: But the last one was not large or wide, it was small and we could say it was the exact size. It looked perfect. As perfect as an angel.

Goldilocks: I’ll start with the gigantic one first.

Narrator 2: When she gets on the enormous bed…

Goldilocks: OH NO this bed is too hard for my tired, girlish body!

Narrator 1: Next she tried the second medium size bed…

Goldilocks: OH NO this bed is too soft for my delicate body!

Narrator 2: You didn’t even see her, she sunk as fast as a anchor!

Narrator 1: Now she tried the last and smallest bed…

Goldilocks: OOOH! This… bed… is… just… right.

Narrator 2: She fell in a long deep sleep.

Part 4
Narrator1: Moments later, the three bears came back from their peaceful walk in the woods.

Narrator 2: To their surprise, the door was as wide as an elephant. Had someone been in their house?

Narrator1: The bears walked in with a mysterious face.

The bears walk in and look around.

Narrator 2: They looked around and noticed the eaten porridge.

Papa Bear: Someone has been eaten in my porridge!

Narrator1: Growled Papa Bear as an ferocious lion.

Mama Bear: Someone has been eating in my porridge!

Narrator 2: Replied Mama Bear.

Baby Bear: Someone has been eating my porridge and they’ve eaten it all up!

Narrator1: Cried baby bear.

Narrator 2: The three bears walked to the living room as angry as tigers and noticed their chairs.

Walk to the living room and look at the weird chairs.

Papa Bear: Someone has been sitting on my chair!

Narrator1: Yelled Papa Bear.

Mama Bear: Someone has been sitting in my favorite red chair!

Narrator 2: Complained Mama Bear.

Baby Bear: Someone has been sitting in my chair and they’ve broken it as if an elephant sat on it!

Narrator1: mumbled Baby bear.

Narrator 2: The three brown bears were very disappointed in what they were seeing.

Part 5

Narrator 1: Then the three terrifying bears went to take a very good look upstairs.

Narrator 2: After Papa said…

Papa bear: “who has been sleeping in my gigantic bed”,

Narrator 1: Mama said in a frustrated voice

Mama bear: “who has been sleeping in soft my bed”,
Narrator 2: Then baby bear says…

Baby bear: Someone has been sleeping in my small and perfect bed, and she’s still there”.

Narrator 2: Goldilocks's face was as red as a tomato,

Goldilocks: “oh, my gosh”!

Narrator 1: Then Goldilocks slipped away of the bears’ house and ran through the woods past the river and back home. After this adventure Goldilocks was as sweet as an angel, for the rest of here life.

The End